About Me

Suzanne Biro 

I am working to create something beautiful.

I’m Canadian. I practice creative writing outside my regular day job (policy advisor).

A writer lives in a bit of a vacuum if we don’t have a reader; the reciprocal relationship is necessary. We’re conducting a transaction: you’re giving me your eyeballs, focus and concentration for a limited amount of time (a true gift, thank you!!) and I am giving you (hopefully) writing or drawing which tickles (nettles?) your neurons, entertains you, makes you laugh (or cry), or lets you get to know me better as the ambiguous, ambitious?, neurotic, evolving human I am and continue to become.  I promise authenticity.  And that’s messy and sometimes uncomfortable and often weird.

Why am I writing this blog? I’ve had a lifetime of training and education honing my outcome focus.  I’m desperately trying (and often failing) to get myself back on the path of creating/making/experiencing/playing art, simply for the pleasure in making.  So I’m using this space to practice and reflect on my process of learning to craft beautiful writing.

 I’m trying to let go of “accomplishments” and be at peace with just the doing and making. 

Thank you for reading.